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Tom Daniels
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tucson irrigation

We can handle all your Tucson irrigation needs, large or small for Tucson and the surrounding area:

Design and installation of new systems (sprinkler, drip or bubbler)
Repair or improve existing Tucson irrigation systems and surrounding areas
Check on systems for out of area homeowners for Tucson and surrounding areas

Call or email to set an appointment for your FREE ESTIMATE (520) 882-9929

For Southern Arizona and Tucson irrigation, sprinkler systems or drip systems, Sunrise Irrigation has been serving Tucson for their irrigation, sprinklers and drip system needs for over 20 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers for whom we have designed new irrigation systems or re-designed existing irrigation systems. We also offer troubleshooting for Tucson irrigation systems, drip systems and xeriscapes, as well as sprinkler systems for all sized yards. We are a "Select Contractor" for Rain Bird and one of the largest Rain Bird distributors for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

If you are considering the design and/or installation of an irrigation system, if you would like the convenience of an irrigation system that features automatic timers or if you would like to conserve water in our desert by using a drip system, then Sunrise Irrigation is the company you need. Hundreds of other satisfied customers have made the same decision, why not you?